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Art Deco style ring featuring an 8mm x 10mm pear filled with the inclusion of your choice, nestled among 7 with cubic zirconia birthstones.

925 sterling silver in your choice of silver, rose or yellow plated gold.


Note, this ring has space for 7 birthstones - they can be the same, or different. Please include all birthstones and the order you prefer in the notes section. E-mail us if you have additional questions!


Note - additional inclusions (eg. hair, umbillical cord, placenta, dried flowers, burial sand, fabric, etc.) can be added at no additional charge, along with unlimited options for foil, flakes, shimmer, etc. The order page will limit you to one selection from each category, but feel free to add additional items in the "notes" field. If you're unsure if your item can be added, send us a message!

Curious what the different additions look like? Click here for a sample gallery (in a Google Drive). 

Art Deco Ring

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