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Hi, I'm Alanna!

I'm a mama to my sweet little boy Jude who was born in October 2021. My husband and I live in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. 

Motherhood - let's be honest - it's a wild ride. Becoming a mother brought out a whole different version of myself I didn't even know existed. But what really blew me away was the community. I found friendship, guidance, support, in every aspect of my community. Like an unspoken code between mothers. 

So, how did Modern Keepsakes become a thing?

What makes you want to deal with other people's breastmilk and umbilical cords?

Doesn't touching cremation ashes creep you out?

(just a note - I don't actually ever physically touch your inclusions....)

It's about the community. My goal is to share our most cherished memories in the form of a beautiful keepsake with this amazing community!

We're committed to inclusivity! We're all mothers, whether you breastfed, exclusively pumped, or used formula. I want to celebrate this journey with all mothers. Along with milk, we offer a variety of other inclusions to create a perfect, personalized piece of jewelry for each client. Don't have milk? We can make something work for you that still honours your journey. 

If you're ready to take the next step, let's work together to create you a beautiful keepsake. Browse our collections, or if you don't see anything that makes your heart sing, contact us to discuss a custom option!

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