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Check the table below to find the status of your order.

In Progress 

These orders are currently being worked on and should be ready in approximately two weeks. You should have received a communication to make final design decisions. Once your order is complete, a request for final payment will be sent, and upon receipt of the final payment, the order will be ready for pickup.

In Queue

These orders are currently in queue to be completed. Items in queue are completed in the order they appear on the table above based on the dates the jewelry and inclusions were received. Watch for a communication indicating your order is coming up in the queue and requesting any final design elements to be included. Once your order is actively being worked on, it will be moved to "In Progress".

Waiting for Inclusions

These orders are currently waiting for inclusions (milk, ashes, hair, etc) to be delivered. Please reach out when you have your inclusions ready to go for instructions on how to drop off or ship items. Once inclusions are received, these orders will move up into either "Waiting for Jewelry" or if the jewelry has already been received, the order will move into "In Queue"

Waiting for Jewelry

These orders are currently waiting for jewelry to arrive from the jeweler. Once the jewelry arrives, provided the inclusions have been received, these orders will move up to the "In Queue" listing. If inclusions have not yet been received, these orders will move to the "Waiting for Inclusions" listing.

If you have any questions regarding the status of your order, be sure to reach out to or send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook!

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